Understanding Omnichannel Marketing

Marketing is Changing

It’s no secret that eCommerce marketing sales grew significantly during the pandemic, and this growth isn’t projected to slow down any time soon. Traditionally, marketers used cookies to track different sets of audience data. Cookies collect pieces of information about customers without seeking consent to do so. They follow customers from site to site and keep track of their choices and preferences. Many have expressed concerns about privacy, which has led to an increase in conversation around data collection and whether or not marketers are really using the most effective methods to understand their audience.

Multichannel VS. Omnichannel

A misunderstanding that leaders in marketing hear quite often is that omnichannel marketing is the same as multichannel marketing since both disciplines involve engaging with a customer across multiple touchpoints. However, in practice, they are fundamentally opposite. Multichannel marketing considers each channel to be its own, with its own set of goals and objectives. Each channel sees an incomplete and slightly different view of the same customer.


Omnichannel marketing is the practice of providing a seamless, high-quality customer experience across multiple touch-points. The key is that marketers focus on the customer instead of obsessing over how one particular platform is performing. This type of marketing should seem somewhat intuitive in today’s world. Most people are on a variety of social media platforms every day, see dozens of commercials, and are served ads through a variety of platforms. A holistic approach to marketing is the only way forward.


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